Friday, January 18, 2013

Early Intervention Annual Review

Zadie had her annual review yesterday for Early Intervention.  Early Intervention is a state program that is designed to help kids with developmental delays catch up in time for school.  She's been receiving services through EI for over a year now.  She gets speech therapy and occupational therapy.  We had two meetings to update things yesterday.  During the first one, a test called BDI (Battelle Developmental Inventory) was administered.  The therapist asked me a bunch of questions about different things that Zadie could or couldn't do and gave Z tasks to try to do, like stacking blocks and using nesting cups.

Little Z did great on the test!  She improved greatly since the first test was given over a year ago.  All of her scores improved.  In fact, based on that test alone, she does not qualify for EI.  However, since she has the trach and the related speech delay, they used a clinical assessment to determine that she is still eligible to receive services.  She'll continue receiving speech therapy once a week and occupational therapy will be reduced to once a month.  She babbles a lot and she is starting to say words.  The three big ones right now are mama, dada and baba.  She is starting to mimic sounds we make, and she said "duck" yesterday with the therapist while looking at a book with ducks.  She's still signing pretty regularly and still picking up new signs, so all in all, she communicates pretty well.

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