Thursday, January 3, 2013

Busted balloon

I really look forward to the day when Zadie doesn't need any foreign objects in her body to help her live. There's always the concern of her trach or Gtube coming out. Today, her Gtube popped out as we were leaving soon. It's held in her body with a water filled balloon. Occasionally, the balloon will pop or get a leak. I realized that was the case this time since the balloon was almost completely deflated.  This is an illustration of the type of feeding tube Zadie has, a Mic-key button.

We have a backup tube, but it was at home. I decided to pop the broken one back in and tape it up. The closest thing I could find was Scotch tape. Not ideal, but fine for the two minute drive home. Somewhere between school and home, the tube fell out again and I haven't found it yet! When we got home, I put the new tube in. By now, this is old hat for both me and Zadie. I took a picture of her belly with the button in to share here. 

Cute Zadie belly

As I said, I look forward to the day when we don't have to worry about this stuff!

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