Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tubie Friends

You might have seen the picture of Zadie with her new Tubie Friend that I posted today.  I'm so excited about this teddy bear (who BJ thinks look likes Ted.  From the movie.)

Tubie Friends is a non profit organization that was started by two mothers of kids with feeding tubes.  They want to help other parents and kids who rely on feeding tubes.  All of the "Tubie Friend Surgeons" are volunteers.  All Tubie Friends asks of applicants is for $8 to cover shipping.  If you can't afford that, it's ok.  They'll still send you a Friend.  The stuffed animals (Zadie got a Build a Bear!) are funded by donations.

I sent Zadie's application in on Sunday night and her Friend was on our doorstep on Friday!  Talk about a quick turnaround, when they tell you that a typical turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.  And it just so happens that Beary (as Jonathan named him) arrived the day before Zadie's one year anniversary with her G tube.

Check out their site.  Spread the word if you know a kid with a feeding tube.  And donate a couple of bucks if you have it!

Jonathan, Zadie, and Beary

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