Thursday, June 28, 2012

No news is good news...

I realized I haven't really written an update about Zadie recently.  The main reason is because she's doing really well and there haven't been any major developments.  She was sick, but seems to be just about over that by now.  She actually started getting sick the day before Jonathan's birthday and I ended up having to take her to the doctor the day of his birthday, which was also the day of his party.  Luckily, that didn't really put a damper on anything, and she got to enjoy the party a little bit.

She has been eating pretty well.  We offer her a sippy cup of milk at almost every feeding (other than when it is a nurse feeding her - the nurses need orders for EVERYTHING, and the written orders right now are to put everything through the tube) and she does really well.  There have been some meals where we haven't had to tube feed her at all!

She's also thisclose to walking.  She lets go of couches or tables for short times and has started bridging distances without holding onto something in between.  No real unassisted steps yet, though.  Soon, I'm sure!  She's doing so well that her occupational therapy through Early Intervention has been reduced to every other week instead of every week. We love her therapist, Patti, and we look forward to her bag of toys every week, but Zadie really doesn't need weekly OT.  We will continue with weekly speech therapy, though.  Zadie still can't make any noise around her trach, so we're working hard on signing with her, so that she has a way to communicate.  It's the cutest thing when she signs!

Zadie signing "more"

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