Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving right along.

Zadie had her second post-op follow up with her surgeon last week.  He said she looks great and he said go ahead and feed her anything we want!  Wonderful!  The only problem is, the last time she was admitted to the hospital with some pneumonia like symptoms, her pulmonologist became concerned that all of her troubles may stem from aspiration (breathing food or milk into her lungs) rather than an infection.  Most other doctors, including her pediatrician and the surgeon who repaired her palate, doubt that she is actually aspirating.  I kind of doubt it, too, because every time she's been sick, a dose or two of antibiotics have turned her around almost 100%.  But, regardless, I want to be sure that we are checking everything, so we are holding off on any oral feeds until she gets a swallow study.  This was Zadie's last oral meal, delicious avocado!

Zadie is scheduled for the study on Wednesday morning.  That is a week and a day before her birthday so we're really hoping for good results so that she can stuff her face with cake on the 31st!  She's definitely dying to eat again.  When we eat in front of her, she can't take her eyes off our food.  I hope she rocks the study on Wednesday!

Off the topic of Zadie, today a very good friend of our family received a long-awaited heart transplant.  We're really excited for him and his family!

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