Monday, June 23, 2014

No more nurses!

After nearly three years of having strangers (at least they're strangers at first!) take care of Zadie, we are officially nurse free.  It feels good!  We had been without a regular night nurse for months, only having one night a week covered, so a few weeks ago, we decided to do away with that one night.  It was silly to have one night covered.  Then, last week, we found out unexpectedly that our day nurse, who had been with us since before Beatrix was born and had become very close to us (or so we thought) wanted to cut way back on her days.  She only wanted to work one day a week, which, again, was silly.  At Zadie's age, we are not interested in introducing her to anyone new, so that was that!  The only problem is that we utilized Zadie's nurses as babysitters over the years, since she has specific medical needs that no one but me or BJ are trained to handle.  But being that she's so healthy and stable now, it should be ok to use regular babysitters.  It'll be nice to be a regular family 24/7 from now on.

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  1. Hello! I popped over from Moms of Trach Babies. Congrats! It is wonderful havjng your home and life to yourself again. Hubby and I have MUCH preferred the inconveniences of no nursing over the invasiveness of nursing.