Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CHOP update

We all took a ride down to Philly today. It was a crazy rainy day which made the trip even longer.  Because of the weather, I guess a lot of the appointments before us were running late.  Zadie's appointment was at 11:20 and we didn't see the doctor until after 2!

Dr. Javia looked at Zadie's ears.  She has an infection in her left ear, which we suspected.  Since she has a tube in there, it didn't seem to be hurting her, it was just draining a lot and she kept picking at it.  She was prescribed antibiotic drops for that.  The tube in her right ear fell out and is still sitting in her ear canal.  He said it will eventually fall out of her ear.  Even though she didn't pass her hearing test in that ear in April, possibly because the tube is out, we will just monitor it for now and will not take any action.

Since Zadie is doing so well with the capping, we are now cleared to get scheduled for a sleep study.  Unfortunately, Dr. Javia said it might be a couple of months until we can get in.  But, he recommended that we keep calling to ask about cancellations, etc.  If the sleep study goes well, then Zadie will be scheduled for decannulation.  When she had her bronchoscopy in September, Dr. Javia noticed that her adenoids were rather large, and they will possibly be a problem.  We won't know that until the sleep study, though.

I'm waiting for the sleep study department to call me with a date.  I'm very anxious about all of this.  They will not attempt decannulation in the winter, so we have a limited amount of time to get everything done.  It will all happen eventually, though, so if it doesn't happen this year, all is not lost.  I'm just really hoping it does!

As all good trips to Philly end, we stopped at Pat's for some cheesesteaks.

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