Friday, February 22, 2013

Eye doctor visit

We took Zadie to see the eye doctor today to follow up on the bloody eye incident.  He checked out her eye, looked at the picture we took, and was still a little puzzled.  He said it was probably just from the infection (conjunctivitis) in her eyes.  He was puzzled especially because her eye wasn't bloodshot at all.  But, the good news is that her eyes look great.  Since Stickler Syndrome, a condition that involves eye problems, is often associated with Pierre Robin Sequence, she was due to have an eye exam.  Like all of the other doctors who have looked at her, the eye doctor didn't suspect Stickler Syndrome for her, just based on her physical appearance.  He dilated her pupils and checked her vision, and it's good!  She's feeling much better and her pink eye is improving!

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