Monday, April 23, 2012

Zadie's weekend away...

Zadie decided she needed another weekend away, so Friday morning, after a week of fighting what seemed to be a cold, she woke up with a fever. Off to the ER we went. She ended up being admitted, although I don't think it's clear what was going on. There are aspiration concerns, so she is on strictly G tube feedings for now, nothing by mouth. It's already not fun, because she's clearly interested in food. When she is recovered, she'll be getting a swallow study. I have asked a few times about a swallow study at her feeding clinic, but they have always said it was unnecessary. I will be mighty upset if it turns out that all her troubles recently have been from aspiration.

 She's still scheduled for her palate surgery next Tuesday, May 1. I was worried this latest illness would affect things, but she's still on, unless she's very congested. So, she'll be back in a hospital (a different one) next week, if all goes well! A nutritionist stopped by Zadie's room on Saturday. She said she looks like she's doing great on breastmilk. I asked her if she had any experience with the blenderized diet. She didn't seem to have too much experience with it, and mentioned how much work it would be. She mentioned that bacteria is a risk of that diet, because food is more likely to be caught in the tube. That seems like just another excuse. She also said that formula is already made to have all of the proper nutrients, etc. It's weird that a nutritionist thinks formula is better than fresh, real food. It seems like, for some reason, most medical professionals are not too enthused. I don't get it!

The nutritionist also said that breastmilk should be enough for Zadie past a year, maybe to 15 or even 18 months! So I had been planning on quitting pumping soon, but I guess it looks like I'll be doing it for a little longer. And I guess that means that I should finally BUY a pump, rather than keep renting the hospital pump. Zadie should be released today. She got her batteries recharged and enjoyed the chest PT from the nice respiratory therapists. She's ready to get out of this crib and back to cruising around the house. And hopefully not coming back here any time soon!

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